Why is Pokemon Go Server Down

The success of the game Pokemon Go makes sense, since it is like living the most connected with child hood anime series ‘Pokemon’. The game successfully first launched on July 6, 2016 in USA, New Zealand and Australia, after which the game’s success and demand started to affect the server. As per the increase in the demand of the game, Niatic CEO, John Hankethen paused the release of the game in other countries until they resolved the issue. Ever since, the game went big with the demand, it is still facing issues and Nintendo’s server is still trying to cope up.

Pokemon GO server status

Since the release, Pokemon Go is the first game to have more than 100 million people to download the game, which obviously gives ample amount of reason for the servers going down every now and then. The game is not limited to sitting and staring at your screen, but the excitement to walk around and search for virtual creatures called Pokemons makes the game more interesting, which is also why many people are appreciating and becoming a part of this game. Pokemon Go has received a mixed set of reviews, no wonder it is highly being liked for its concept of augmented reality but it is also highly being criticized by the huge game freak who face technical issue every now and then.
In UK, Pokemon Go’s server went down along with Pokemon Trainer Club both showing the status “offline”.Many times players receive the same status and makes them confused and frustrated whether the server is actually down or is it because the player is using 3G and not 4G in that particular area. So does that mean the player should find another spot to hunt Pokemons, or should wait for the servers to become online again?A website called The Pokemon Go Server Status page allows more than 100 million people who are playing the game to get updates about the game’s server, that how long the game went online, the time taken to login and what adds more to this website is it also gives status of Pokemon Trainer Clubs. Another status site checker called IsPokemonGoDownOrNot.comtells the players how often the server went down and which login method for the game works better. However, the website is limited to give updates for Europe and United States. Adding more to the list of Pokemon Go serverupdates, check the website Pokemon Go Page, not only it tells you if the server is down or not, but how often the users were able to get access to the game. In addition, instead of venting out on social media, users can report their outage on this site. Likewise, you can read the comments too!

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Adding more to this, ever since the game launched in Japan, where the huge success is also predicted, the servers went down again and the Niantic had the numerous number of downloads of Pokemon Go game to blame. The users were so frustrated as they couldn’t get to play the game that they vent it out on the social media. Jyunichi Masuda, a Japanese creator, of the game apologized to people in Japan for the delay in the game and that they had to wait for the servers to go online for so long.

5 Best Apps for Music Streaming on Android

Ever wondered what the best apps for music streaming are there on Android? Let’s take a brief look at the top 5 apps (in my opinion) that are a must have for Android users.

1. Google Play Music

Unsurprisingly, the first on our list is Google Play Music. This is a fantastic application that will cater to all your needs. There is a multitude of music available. You can set up your own online music library. There you can add all sorts of musical albums and stream them any time you like on the go. Although most of the features of this application are available for free; however there are some fantastic feature that are worth the $9.99 you have to pay as monthly subscription fees. This allows you to create your own stations and plenty more. Google Play Music is an application that can meet the musical demands of your whole family with its generous Family Plan. With only a little more payment on top of the nominal monthly subscription, you and your family can enjoy the very best of Google Play Music without having to buy individual plans for everyone.

2. Spotify

Spotify is another option that has gained significant acclaim in a short span of time. Like Google Play Music, Soptify boasts a huge collection of music to choose from. The application has several ingenious built in features that does a lot of work for you. For example, if you do not want to go into the hassle of picking each and every song for a playlist, then you can use the inbuilt curator. This features offers mood/genre based ready-made playlists to choose from. Another interesting feature of Spotify is that allows a platform for different people to share their musical tastes and diversify their choices by exploring new domains.

3. Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is a name that most of us have not heard about too often. This is because Google Play Music and Spotify take up most of the market. However, it is still popular in some circles and might be worth your consideration. The free version however has some issues that people might find troublesome. For example, there are constant video advertisements to deal with and you also have to take into account the number of free song skips that you can avail.

4. Pandora

Pandora is an application that offers some really nice features aside from its vast collection of music of course. For example, the sleep timer and the alarm clock feature embedded into the application. The best feature however, is the ability to create a playlist of similar songs. Just like TasteKid, all you need to do is enter the name of your favorite song and the application will make a playlist based on songs similar to that style and genre. You can also visit this site howtogetfreeinapppurchases.com to learn how to avoid in-app purhcases, a hidden required payment found in “free” apps.

5. Tunein Radio

We cannot conclude our list without mentioning Tunein Radio. As the name suggests, Tunein allows you to tap into the radio broadcast channels from all over the globe. The developers have recently carried out a complete overhauling of the app. Now you have a much more sleek design that is easy to navigate.

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How Does SEO Help for Successful Online Business?

You have heard a million times that you require SEO, and you no doubt get messages, phone calls, and deals every single week from associations that all have to offer you SEO service. There is moreover a good chance that none of them are telling you why you require website improvement and why your business should put a lot of money into being found in the search results.

SEO Help for Successful Online Business

Normally, websites that seem at top in the results will get more activity to their pages, thus possibly bringing you more business. You will likely get the opportunity to get in the first page, and in a perfect scenario, to top position. There are numerous organizations that do not require help of the SEO specialists. Hence, they don’t understand that how SEO can positively affect the development and advancement of their business. It is very obvious that SEO is very important for the online growth of your business and so does a professional SEO consultant.

What SEO Means to Businesses?

SEO is not just useful to the business, but it is an essential advertising tool for the advancement of convincing brand awareness. It additionally implies upgraded web index page rankings and the enhancement of an increased abundance of activity. That is the reason we have to inspect how these activity frameworks help you build up the profit of your business.

Regular Leads
You need to consider SEO like a real estate investment. When you purchase a property, you have entry to lease that property, enhance that property, and in the long run offer it for a benefit.
SEO works in a comparative manner. By making solid substance, you can get recorded on the primary page of Google for your focused keywords. Far and away superior to be recorded in the main three positions naturally.
When this happens, your business can now get activity and leads seven days a week. Like land, it resembles easy revenue coming into your business. This is not valid for traditional promoting procedures or paid publicizing.

A lot of consumers are more certain about organizations that have content, which prompts more sales. That is on the grounds that 90% of customers find the content valuable.
In a period where everybody checks the web before purchasing, high purchaser certainty and valuable data can go a long in path in helping them make an educated purchase.
A large portion of this request happen on web search engines. Google itself gets more than 12 Billion searches from more than 1 Billion unique visitors around the world. Working at your SEO techniques help you be a part of that examination and purchasing cycle.

Increased Traffic
One of the other enormous SEO advantages is you can get significantly more movement as we discussed earlier.
Fact is, SEO beat out the following closest contender (social media) by 300% regarding activity era. The power of website streamlining can’t be underestimated.

Final Thoughts

According to SEO Specialist Philippines that Search Engine Optimization has turned out to be an effective advertising procedure for endless organizations throughout the years. Be that as it may, to profit from search traffic you have to put resources into your business simply like you would in whatever other advertising system.

Best Affordable and Reliable Web Hosting 2016

Each business and that includes little organizations, ventures, and sole-proprietorship’s needs a site, yet the month to month expenses can mean the distinction between an ecommerce presence or a static page posting your hours and area. Expense is a fundamentally essential thought while selecting a Web host. In any case, it’s a fact that you get what you pay for, it’s also true that each penny matters and that there are some extraordinary Web hosting deals to have.


1. iPage:

iPage is an extremely mainstream web host known for its minimal effort and highlight rich web hosting. iPage is regularly granted as a top web hosting organization on free audit sites on account of its high consumer loyalty rate and simple to utilize web hosting.
With one of the simplest and easiest to use control boards, iPage contains many different tools for clients to effortlessly adjust and keep up their web hosting account. With various web hosting highlights and a minimal effort arrangement, iPage is a decent web host for people and little organizations on a tight budget plan.

2. Web Hosting Hub:

Web Hosting Hub is another well reputed and regarded web hosting organization on the web. They offer quality web hosting administrations for little business sites. Their common hosting plans are ideal for business people and little entrepreneurs searching for reasonable and solid web hosting. Web Hosting Hub is likewise simple to utilize and is extraordinary for making your own site. With everything taken into account, Web Hosting Hub is a trusted web, have and is a strong decision for people and organizations searching for a moderate and dependable approach to have their site.

3. Hostwinds Web Hosting:

In case you’re looking for a Web hosting service that combines SMB-centered hosting’s affordability with big business level force, Hostwinds ought to be on your radar.
Hostwinds offers a variety of shared, virtual private server (VPS), and committed bundles intended to engage all kinds of shop proprietors and greater organizations. Truth be told, Hostwinds is adaptable and highlight pressed VPS offerings settle on it the Editors’ Choice in that sub-classification.
In general, Hostwinds is a Web host worth considering, however it’s not one to swing to in case you need managed WordPress hosting.

4. InMotion Hosting:

InMotion Hosting is a trusted web hosting service that offers elite web hosting for a large number of expert organizations around the world. InMotion Hosting has the most abnormal amount of consumer loyalty between website administrators and web hosting survey sites. While costlier than others, InMotion Hosting gives higher execution and more dependable web hosting than its driving rivals.
InMotion Hosting is suggested for the individuals who deal with a business site and need a host that will work legitimately under overwhelming heaps of traffic.

5. BlueHost:

Bluehost is a well-reputed web host with years of experience and acknowledgment in the web hosting world. They have an extensive base of clients that both love and hate them, however for the most part love them.
Bluehost offers a wide assortment of arrangements reasonable for any site, which makes them an extraordinary universally handy web host.